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hey! my page is about Kpop, doctor who, supernatural, merlin, anime, movie and other random stuffs i hope you like it. please enjoy


Dear followersornot followers i wanted to let you know that i will go on a maybe hiatus for six months. I will miss mydear tumblr a lot but maybe i will post another blog where you will found out why my hiatus. I will return. I will not forget and i will return. 

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bbc merlin fest - day 9
↳one scene » a king trying to hide things from his manservant
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When the wifi is down


When I see my grades


When my OTP becomes cannon


When I accidentally close the tab I’m on


When I’m home alone and hear a weird noise


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A typical day in the life of an international fan

A typical day in the life of an international fan

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Waiting for HTTYD 2 to start

By the time the credits start to roll

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Such a powerful episode! Well done Peter Dinklage for the wondeful acting! ❤

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If you are afraid that Castiel dies at the end of this season clap hands


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in which Dean is SPN and Crowley is the fandom *zoom intensifies*

(and yet another glorious victory of freckles over make up)

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